Golf tourism is one of the main attractions of the Kashmir valley in summers. The peak season for golf in Kashmir is from April to November. One advantage that the game of golf in Kashmir has over other golf courses that the weather here is quite refreshing and the shade of the bordering Chinar and Pine trees enables the play to go on longer.

Kashmir offers a unique opportunity to play golf in invigorating surroundings, where the wind whispers through enormous trees of chinar and stately pine.

In the verdant golf courses at Srinagar and Gulmarg, you will be able to play for longer hours than you can in the plains because of the lower temperatures – Srinagar’s highest temperature seldom goes above 35°C. Srinagar offers an exclusive opportunity for golf enthusiasts to play almost through the entire year. During the summers, while the plains are boiling, Srinagar's temperate climate allows the golfer to play longer hours without getting tired. During winters, the courses in Srinagar are closed, only when snowbound.

The course at Gulmarg is like nothing you’ve ever seen or imagined before. Situated at an altitude of 2,650 m, it is the highest green golf course anywhere in the world. The layout of the course too is strikingly different from most golf courses – the land slopes and inclines along the complete area of the course, which has a par of 72. The historic Gulmarg Golf Club was started in 1911 by the British who used the place as a holiday resort. The origin of Gulmarg as the Golfing Mecca of India goes back to the late 19th century when a 6-hole course was made in 1890-91 by Colonel Neville Chamberlain - the greens were known as browns in those days. The first Golf championship was played at Gulmarg in 1922. The Nedou's Cup was introduced in 1929. In 1930, ‘The World’ beat Scotland.

The course remains covered under snow from December to April. One can hire Golf Sets and balls from pros who are registered with the Tourism Department. The Golf Course is under major renovation these days, with many greens and tees being relocated.

Gulmarg Golf Club

This club was established in the early days of the British rule by Sir Neville Chamberlain, K.C.B.. The Gulmarg Golf Club has attracted many golfers for almost a century. The Gulmarg Golf Club is surrounded by a lush green trees, alpine flowers and crises crossed by snow fed streams and rivulets; gently twisting slopes covered with a natural mossy terrain, and a crispy cool caressing weather. This golf course was redesigned by the famous golf architect, Peter Thompson. Today its has a 6,760 yards, par 72, 18 hole. The layout of the course too is strikingly different from most golf courses - hardly any stretch is flat - the land slopes and inclines along the complete area of the course which has a par of 72. This highest golf course in the world, also boasts of India's longest hole, a par five, 610 yards. Unlike most of the other par-fives on the Gulmarg course, the eighth plays much longer than its 610 yards because of the uphill factor. The green course features not only the rippling rivulets, pre-defined streams and ponds, but also herds of sheep which rules out the need for lawn mowers and keep the fairways in excellent condition. The most interesting and trying hole on the Gulmarg course is unquestionably the 17th. Although not very long, it calls for some precise hitting to land on the green which is daringly placed on the edge of a cliff. The 18th hole, a par five, is an thrilling experience. It's downhill crosses from St. Mary's Church to the club house, a drop of 300 feet. The Gulmarg Golf Club is adequate enough to handle the holiday golfer and organize for the services of caddies and coaches. Golf sets can also be hired at very affordable and reasonable rates. Facilities at the club consists of a bar, library, lounge, table tennis, lawn tennis and lots more. The Gulmarg golf course is generally open between April and November, as it is concealed by snow for the rest of the year and its disciplined slopes are converted into mini ski runs for beginners. If you are planning to play golf regularly through out the entire duration of your stay in Kashmir, a temporary membership can be availed, which will enable you to use the course for as long as you are here. Naturally the membership permits you to use the clubhouse restaurant facilities. You can hire a golf set and balls for the day from the pro-shops at Gulmarg. If you want to brush up your play, or simply want to learn golf as a beginner, there are efficient trainers at both clubs.

Kashmir Golf Club

The Kashmir Golf Club is situated on the Maulana Azad Road. Spread over an area of 52 acres, it boasts of common fairways and a par of 70. It also has well laid out bunkers and hazards, interspersed between chinars and pine trees. This 18-hole course has served as the venue of a number of tournaments. Kashmir Golf Club prides itself for churning out the first golfing professional in India, Ghulam Mohammad in 1930. The Kashmir Golf Club at Srinagar with well laid out bunkers and hazards, interspersed between chinars & pine is a professional 18-hole course and has been the venue of many tournaments. The course has common fairways and a par of 70. Srinagar offers an exclusive opportunity for golf enthusiasts to play through the summer, from April to November. Srinagar's pleasant climate allows the golfer to play longer hours without getting tired.

Royal Spring Golf Course

The most scenic Golf Course in a natural environment created against the dramatic backdrop of Zabarwan mountains at Chashma Shahi, the Royal Springs. These springs were the source of soft sweet water, prized by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir, around which he built an exquisite walled garden - the Chashma Shahi. The legendary garden overlooks the Golf Course which also contains four of the Royal Springs. Golf at Royal Springs, Srinagar is a truly transcending experience for the golfer and nature lover alike.

Pahalgam Golf Course

"The golf course of Pahalgam is well known because of a multitude of reasons, which include its scenic location, high altitude and an array of facilities. It is located at an elevation of 2400 metres above the sea level, amidst snow-capped mountains and dense pine forestations. Pahalgam Golf Course covers a wide expanse of elevated and plain area in the narrow valley, which is why locals often refer to it as a plateau. The plateau rises near the spot where the two rivers from Sheshnag and Aru meet.

Initially established as a 9-hole golf course, the Pahalgam Golf Course has now been upgraded to an 18-hole golf course. The state government and hoteliers host several championships in the sprawling green premises of this high altitude golf ground. A golf club lies on one side of this course, from where visitors can rent golf caddies and equipment. Visitors coming to this place can play this interesting game, for which the club charges fees at an hourly basis. They can also visit the deer park, located on one end of this famous golf course."

Golf Course Jammu Tawi

International standard 18 hole golf course fully developed with automated sprinkler system and other amenities like Golf Carts, Paths, Water Bodies, View points etc. The State Government undertook the Construction of prestigious project Jammu Tawi Golf Course located at Sidhra on the bank of River Tawi at a total cost of Rs. 60.00 crores. The project was undertaken under State Plan. The Golf Course is designed by internationally renowned designer Col. K.D. Bagga and associates. The course was commissioned in 24th April 2011. It has been developed with the intension to give boost to tourism industry and to attract high spending tourists to Jammu in particular and groom young (below 18 years age) boys and girls to become professionals.

This 18 holes Golf Course with fairways of approximate 275 mtrs. length has two big and three small water bodies (lakes) and about 3200 mt. in long water channel. The course is laid with underground sprinkle irrigation system and has comfort stations/rain shelters. It has full fledged maintenance complex, a club house and about 6500 mtrs long pathway. The course is spread over an area of 81 hectares of land with following land management breakup:-

1. Native Marsh (Preserved): 08 acres

2. Native Forest: 30 acres

3. Lakes: 02 acres

4. Trees planting and landscaped native land: 30 acres

5. Golf course with manicured grass: 69.74 acres

6. Club house and surroundings: 01 acre

7. Nursery: 3.46 kanals

8. Other areas with Fruit plants with wilderness zones

The fairways are about 50 to 60 mtrs wide with mound, features and vary in length from 160 mtrs – 540 mtrs. The total length of the course 7400 mtrs is which consists of 4 par five, 10 par fours and 4 par three holes. Hazard area in the shape of beautiful lakes and artificial bunkers and other features make the course interesting and challenging in accordance with international championship standards. This is the only 18 holes Golf course in Jammu Province with international standards with a multipurpose Club house.





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